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2023, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A

A conjectural presentation on use of optical fibers for sensing purpose

Author(s): Rohitash Singh and Dr. Aram Singh

Abstract: Fiber optic sensors are modern demand of present research and need of society due to their small size, high sensitivity, cost effectiveness and accuracy. They are taking in use for strain, stress, temperature, displacement, bio samples measurement in several structures. As no electrical power is needed to operate an optical fiber so at the remote location fiber optic sensor gives advantages to conventional electrical sensor in certain applications, like in too high temperature a semiconductor sensor is not useful. Similarly, in bio samples analysis where change in refractive index is very low an optical fiber can sense using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) based technique. Likewise, by monitoring the change in intensity and phase of light with respect to reference signal an optical fiber sensor is applicable in various sensing purpose. Basically, Optical fibers areone kind of medium for illumination purpose that’s why most commonly used as light guiding medium in medical and other applications where bright light needs to be brought to bear on a target without a clear line-of-sight path, most common example is medical and industrial endoscope. Some other examples of fiber optic sensor is in bridge monitoring and crack monitoring, like in a bridge or decks or roofs where crack openings beyond 0.15 to 0.2 mm is measure it cause of leakage of water result heavy chance of corrosion of steel or iron, a fiber optic senor is a good alternative of visual inspection. A fiber Bragg grating based sensor is also useful to make an optical fiber based humidity sensor which is a key tool to observe the variation in the moisture level of concrete. In this paper author have shown that optical fibers is not only useful for communication purpose but also an extraordinary tool for sensing application and give a review for use of optical fiber for different kind of sensing purposes.

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Rohitash Singh, Dr. Aram Singh. A conjectural presentation on use of optical fibers for sensing purpose. Int J Res Circuits Devices Syst 2023;4(1):35-38.
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