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P-ISSN: 2708-4531, E-ISSN: 2708-454X

2023, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A

A useful survey on cloud computing from user’s perspective

Author(s): Aakash Goyal

Abstract: The advancement of our modern society, the information and knowledge society, is dependent on technological advancements that have long been predicated on enhancing the performance of various equipment while simultaneously miniaturising them. The goal of modern computer technology solutions shrunk is to integrate all of its computing power into a single device, which necessitates the use of an external source, allowing cloud computing to arise. The abstract introduces the research's goal and expected contribution. Outsourcing all of the features that a computer can provide complements the idea of cost-cutting and, not surprisingly, is effective in education. Because cloud technologies make teaching, research, and development more efficient and sustainable, educational institutions should explore implementing these solutions. This study examines the current technologies used in cloud computing as well as enterprise systems. Cloud computing can be looked at from two perspectives. The first is cloud infrastructure, which serves as the foundation for up-layer cloud applications. The cloud application is the alternative option. There are three basic aspects of cloud computing infrastructure. First, the infrastructure is based on big-scale clusters with a huge number of low-cost PC servers. Second, the applications are co-designed with the basic infrastructure so that computer resources can be utilised to their full potential. Third, rather of relying on hardware alone, the entire system's reliability is ensured by software built on top of redundant hardware.

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Aakash Goyal. A useful survey on cloud computing from user’s perspective. Int J Res Circuits Devices Syst 2023;4(1):16-21.
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