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2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Survey of honeypot-based threat detection systems

Author(s): Ronodeep Das

Abstract: In a growing world of networking and data, prioritising network security is extremely important. Various methodologies for protection of networks and its data have been developed over the years and continue to be developed. However due to the increase in the sheer amount of people using networks throughout the world network security itself is becoming a harder task. Since there is already a multitude way of attacking networks and more developing everyday it is extremely difficult to keep track of them while the users of the network participate in it. Honeypot-based network security systems help in solving exactly this problem. It is essentially a system designed to recognise threats to a network by baiting and trapping those threats into a system that isn’t actually being used by the people, making is easier to detect and keep track of threats. Furthermore, since Honeypots are essentially running fake systems for detection of intrusions, they also consume less resources while providing an environment to gather extensive data on intrusions, hacking processes and techniques and other attacks. This paper presents a survey of the techniques and advances that Honeypot based systems have brought into Network Security. This paper also provides a review of the various types of Honeypot systems that are being used in network security and how Honeypots are being applied in the industry. Next, the article gives a brief overview of more advanced Honeypot-based technologies that are in development and will be paramount in the advancement of network security in the future. Finally, several open issues and research trends are outlined.

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