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2021, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

Technology solution for government schools to fight against Covid-19

Author(s): E Anusuya, A Aswin Kumar and PR Ranjith

Abstract: This project deals with the purpose of giving technology solutions for government schools to Covid-19, which has severely impacted the social and economic life of people all over the world, affecting their day-to-day normal life. Especially with schools and colleges being closed, many teaching and learning processes are enabled under the online mode. So far, the students and teaching community are staying safe at home and when they start going to schools, it will be life normal for the younger generation through interaction and play among students. The student can get the Covid-19 infection during the interaction if there is no proper monitoring of their health condition daily. Continuous monitoring of health status, such as body temperature, coughing, and breathing issues of students are essential towards early diagnosis for Covid-19 symptoms and a suitable solution for the same will be useful at every school premises. Automated hand wash, social distancing, and awareness towards Covid-19 will also create an impact in the reduction of the virus spreading. Hence, in our proposal, it is planned to install a suitable technology-supported sanitizing and screening system in 3 Government schools having majority student population from under-privileged society. We can extract data(temperatures) using Bluetooth or Wi-fi, which are already stored in a thermal camera and it is checked regularly by government health officials and school management. An early screening en masse will help contain the Covid-19 community spread at schools, including automatic detection of Covid-19 symptoms in students and teachers.

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E Anusuya, A Aswin Kumar, PR Ranjith. Technology solution for government schools to fight against Covid-19. Int J Res Circuits Devices Syst 2021;2(1):25-29.
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